Thursday, February 4, 2010

When is the Big Comeback?!?!


So, you've been patiently waiting on my return, FOREVER it seems, and the time is FINALLY HERE!!!!!!! But is it REALLY??????????? You may soon find yourself staring at a NEW & IMPROVED Jenny Thomas Photography Website just around the corner, as I have been a busy little bee in MANY WAYS here recently, between babies and business, it's kind of going to be a crazy comeback!

We are right smack dab in the middle of Senior Season!! My favorite time of the year! Wait, it's always Senior Season for me. But the main thing is........I'm back, but in a limited kind of way. My babies come first. Absolute first..........and my new bundle of joy, Mr. Briggs Thomas, is just the sweetest, tenderest, oh so snugly soft, little sweet thing....and that Neely Nell, who could blame me?

So, with all that mushy-mush stuff out of the way, let's proceed.

Beginning March 1st, I will start back with shoots. I plan to ease into it slowly, booking a maximum of three days per a week (Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays only). I do have a waiting list that I will attempt to book first, but please don't wait until the last minute because sometimes I am booked weeks in advance. The VERY BEST way to contact me is through the contact section on my is much easier for me to refer back to. I'm not the fastest Voicemail checker in the county, I can go ahead and tell ya now.

If you are a 2010 Senior and you are banking on me to custom design your graduation invitations, (whether we have already shot or not) contact me now, so I can get you in the books. The whole invitation design/proof process take a couple of weeks per senior and the clock is tickin' with SO many seniors demanding artwork!

I am excited about all of the opportunities for 2010, and can't wait to get started! If you need to book an appointment, use the contact section on my website or send an email to me at And then there's always the usual ring-a-ling @ 912.294.4544 (leave a message!)

Be prepared to pay your session fee ($60.00) and deposit toward prints (40.00) up front to reserve your date! That's a total of $100.00. I accept VISA and Mastercard, or you can mail a check through snail mail.

Get Excited! I'm BACK! (even Jake!).....he's tired of being furlowed.


Jenny Thomas Photography

Thursday, November 5, 2009

JTP Currently Closed for Maternity Leave

Well, it's that time!!!! November first came and went, (very quickly might I add) and though I still have a few loose ends to tie up, I am OFFICIALLY on maternity leave! :-)! I want to thank everyone for being so understanding as I grew, and grew, and grew....and grew a little bit more than I probably should have, but heck, this is the last baby, right??! :-)!

JTP is currently completely closed for photo shoots, artwork, and delivery until February 28th! HOWEVER.........if you need to book a wedding, please email for packages and pricing even while I'm out, because I know how frantic it can be reserving a date! (A friendly reminder that my wedding packages begin at 2000.00.)...........and now, back to the topic at hand: if my sweet bundle decides to welcome himself into this world a little sooner than expected or my recovery goes better than expected, we MAY be reopening a little earlier than February 28th! Just stay tuned into my blog posts for updated information!

If you have a question, the best way to contact me is through email:, and I will answer at my convenience....considering I'll be up all night for a while with a screaming baby!

Thanks to all for your patience and understanding!!! I look forward to working with you in the near future, as the waiting list is INSANE!!!! We'll get it done!!!!.................can't wait!!!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Amy & Dwayne Tie The Knot!....Blog below this one concerning my Maternity Leave

Well, Well, Well...........didn't know I had it in me, did ya??

So you thought I was so pregnant that I wasn't going to squeeeeeeeeeeeeeze in one last event before my maternity leave did ya???? WELL YOU THOUGHT WRONG!! Because the only thing that was sqeeeeeeezing, was me and my extra large pregnant belly between the isles photographing Dwayne and Amy! That's right, they finally tied the knot! :-)!!!!!!

What was so crazy about this whole thing......Amy and I booked this event LONG before I knew I was going to be bringing a sweet little bundle into this world...and calling it quits wasn't an option for me as Amy is a good friend and I knew this would be a wedding to rock your socks off! Between the live band, PJ, (that's right...PJ, not DJ, long story)........and my continuous hope that the reenactment of the "wedding isle dance" music would start to play pre-ceremony (as found on youtube, and at this link: was all around a GLORIOUS event! :-)! I couldn't have asked for a better way to make my exit from the photography stage and into maternity!

Of course, I always have to end with a bang, right? And why not come back with a bang? JTP will have a whole new look, a whole new style, and a whole new "presence" (mind ya) upon my return....I just can't wait!

I hope you enjoy the sneak may be up for a while considering I'm going to be taking my leave, but you'll get used to it! :-) In the mean time, thanks to everyone who helped to make Amy and Dwayne's photographic wedding dreams come true....and thanks to my lovely assistant Jake who has now been furlowed because of my largeness, poor thing! We'll be back! Don't forget about us!

Until next time!

Monday, October 19, 2009

JTP Announcements Concerning my Maternity Leave

Hi Everyone!!!

I need to make a few "announcements" of sorts as I realize that this baby isn't getting any smaller (and evidently, I'm not either!!!)! I probably get three of four emails a day requesting appointments......and have had to turn away so many! (it hurts me, I promise!!)

Ok, So here's the SCOOP: As of RIGHT NOW, I am on a semi-maternity leave from Jenny Thomas Photography. I am no longer booking photo shoots until I return from maternity leave, however I WILL BE available for contact, by phone or email between October 1st and November 1st. (912.294.4544 or During this time, I will be taking orders, completing artwork, selling proofs, designing graduation invitations for seniors that I have already photographed, and making last minute deliveries.

From November 1st until the end of February, Jenny Thomas Photography will be COMPLETELY closed for maternity leave. I will be returning to the photography scene when I'm finished with my maternity leave, however, I will have a limited number of available weekday bookings. First come, First serve......deposit and session fee holds your spot! Please continue to check my blog for updated JTP information, as I MAY decide to return a little earlier than expected.

I REALLY encourage seniors not to wait until the last minute to book, ESPECIALLY if you are interested in custom graduation invitations, which have been a hot topic around these parts. Senior shoots should be scheduled for March and April....May is cutting it close in regards to invitation design.

On a side note, when I do begin booking in the spring: ********Serious inquiries only. When you call to book an appointment, please be prepared to pay your session and deposit up front, and also be prepared to pay for your order within a week of viewing proofs. I reserve the right to cancel appointments if deposits have not been received within one week, and I also reserve the right to completely delete all digital images if an order has not been placed or payment received within the specified time frame.

I have been very blessed this past year to have so many wonderful clients and make so many new friends! I look forward to many wonderful things/adventures in the next year and I hope that I can be of service to those who are looking for something that is simply DIFFERENT! ;-)!In the meantime, I hope this JTP announcement can steer you in the direction that you need to go in as far as your photography needs. Don't hesitate to call or is best! :-)



Jenny Thomas Photography

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Amanda: Horse Kissing and Gnats!

Hello Everyone! :-)!

So after carefully reviewing Miss Amanda's sneak peak that I just ever-so-freshly posted, I realized that I was partial to "moment" shots today!!!??? Is it the motherly hormones flowing to my brain that made me want to post these moments? Um, probably more of my insane Oreos and milk addiction and what the contents of those orange and black cookies are doing to my brain! It's making me do weird things. Speaking of motherly hormones, before I move on....if you need information concerning my maternity leave please refer several posts down to the post entitled "JTP Announcements", that should set you straight! :-)

Amanda had SO MANY great shots, some, with her beautiful smile...but after narrowing it down, for some reason, these were some of my fav's. It is so weird how I can favor beautiful smiles on one day, "attitude" like Stevie's on another day............and then just go for "moments" today. you may notice, Amanda's sneak peak reflects a sincere, sweet, beautiful, and kind girl..........and here we have: Amanda. That's her! I have actually known Amanda for several years and her brother Kyle..............most accurately described as a MESS, and I must say.....I have really enjoyed being around them both! Amanda is a senior this year.......a dancer, a guitarist, and a horse kisser. Wait..........she's kissing her horse OK, she loves her horse! :-) She just HAD to have that shot so I had to include it! :-)!

Regardless of horse-kissing or playing a guitar out in snake-infested weeds............Amanda did fantabulous, and was just a pleasure to photograph! I would like to give a special shout out to her horse............................her name is Jenny. HOW CONVENIENT!!!!!!!! A personal "FAV" of mine! And I'd also like to thank Amanda's mother Lori for the gnat-reflecting face and body wipes for Jake and myself. We practically bathed in them, and eventually we survived, all while having a wild and fun time as usual. I think that was the fastest I was physically able to waddle to my car to flee from the gnats.

Only swallowed three. It was a good day! :-)

Until Next time!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kelli Girl Senior 2010 & Maternity Leave Information

Hello Everyone!

These sneak peaks are rolling out like water off of a duck's back!

Two more to go and THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!!! Maternity Leave here I come! :-)! For more information concerning my maternity leave, please view the post immediately below this one for a teeny tiny bit of info, and for even more detailed information, view the post entitled JTP Announcements!

OK! Now that we have that out of the way, let's get to Miss Kelli! She is a senior this year and was alot of fun to photograph! We went a little ways down the road and found one location that offered so many different opportunities for a great shoot! :-) I guess I must first explain that Kelli is headed toward the medical field and plans to be a sonographer! HOW COOL IS THAT?! I need a sonographer at this very moment to see what this wild-child is doing in my belly! He's kicking and punting in there as I type! I think he's tired of this computer chair.

Regardless, I think it was so cool that she wanted to be photographed in a career kind of way.......the last girl I had pull this off wants to be a cosmetologist, and it's just going to be neat to look back one day and see where it all began! :-)! There probably aren't pictures of me with a camera anywhere, because I made everybody and everything my victims............especially dogs and cows. They didn't complain about being too close!!!!!!!!!!!! (it seemed to be a common complaint in the days of my wild Kodak wind-up cameras!!! Everybody would holler, why are so close to my face with that camera!!!!!!!!!! My grandaddy taught me how to frame a shot, I could even do it in style with a wind-up. We had wild college pictures, OK, just ask Bess)!

Anyway, I just loved her colors.........the girl looks good in the pinks and purples and what a beautiful skin tone! I must also give a shout out to her paparazzi. I mean she showed up with at least EIGHT people watching her......the biggest JTP Entourage YET........and still pulled off a successful, natural shoot! :-)! I think they all had lots of fun! Kelli is friends with Montana and Morgan, my last two sneak peaks........and they were both there too.........I mean, we might as well all just move in together.

Alright, I hope you enjoyed Kelli's sneak peak.....................and I hope she and you love them! Next up will be Miss Amanda Vice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you guess what animal we shot around??!? You'll have to wait, sorry! :-)!

Until Next time!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Miss Montana!....Maternity Leave Info too!

Hey Everyone! Two Posts, two days....I'm on a sleep-deprived roll here! :-)!

Before I get started on Miss Montana, please note that I am no longer accepting bookings for photo shoots until AFTER I return from maternity leave on March 1st. I am now ONLY currently open for artwork, editing, ordering, and graduation invitation design until November 1st, and then I will be on FULL leave until my return! (sorry! I'm about to POP from pregnancy!!!!!!! What do you expect??!) If you need more information, please refer several posts down to the post entitled "JTP Announcements", as this information may affect you! :-)!

Now, back to Miss Montana! :-)! Montana is of course a SENIOR this year........................seniors, seniors, seniors.....have I photographed the whole class of oh-ten yet??!?!? And she was GREAT at following my lead as we shot in three different locations down town. She was accompanied by Morgan, the other current sneak peak....and how was I to know during all of this booking that I would put two friends on the same week! On top of that you will also get to see another friend of theirs, Kelli!! I imagine this group of friends sitting around the table at school saying, OK, I'll get my mom to call Jenny, you get your mom to call worked out perfectly if this is even what happened, but then again it's late and my imagination is running wild here! Regardless, I think it's unique to photograph friends.......and I'm so glad that I was given the opportunity to do it before my feet swell to the point of n0 return.

Anyway, Montana is an awesome swimmer..........she has been swimming Varsity for three years, and this will be her fourth! Quiet an accomplishment. I wish I could go swimming in a sea of oreos and milk right now.........this pregnant woman is hungry! Why do I keep getting off of topic???! Mrs. Eckle, I'm sorry!!!!! Betty Ham Benner.........I know you know me very well.........please don't critique my English like you did my outfit at the Homecoming parade. You ham you. Almost a decade later and I'm still scared of my high school English teachers who I LOVED and STILL LOVE!

Alright, I guess I better wrap this up because this post is going nowhere fast with hunger and my sudden urge to go eat oreos and milk! Montana did great..............she's gorgeous, that's all you need to know! :-)!

Had fun!